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Fresh Produce Vs. Preserved Vegetables

Unfortunately, we don’t always have the opportunity to consume fresh fruits or vegetables. Sometimes the vegetables we want, or need are not in season or must be transported from far away. Other times, fresh vegetables are just too darn expensive to buy every day to get our dietary requirements. This is unfortunate because fresh produce is almost always better for you than preserved produce. However, preserved or packaged produce is monumentally better for you than no produce at all. If you have no choice, then it is absolutely fine to eat frozen, canned, cooked, juiced or otherwise packaged fruits and vegetables.

Say Yes to Fresh!

The Advantages of Fresh Produce

That being said, if you do have a choice then fresh, raw produce is the way to go. Simply put, it’s just healthier for you. Fresh fruits and veggies retain more vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Most preservation processes cause produce to lose a portion of its nutritional value. For instance, cooked vegetables have lower amounts of fiber because the heat breaks some of it down.


Don't Forget:

Also, frozen fruits can contain less vitamin C than the fresh variety, partly because they are frozen before the fruit has a chance to ripen fully. Not only do fresh fruits and veggies have more of what you need, but they also have less of what you don’t. Frozen, canned and packaged produce usually have additives to keep them from spoiling. High sodium content is common in frozen foods, and sugar-heavy syrup is often found in canned fruit. Other chemical preservatives might also be lingering in preserved produce items.

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